The Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc. Guar gum is a high purity, food grade, water soluble polymer that is utilized as a thickener to enhance the texture, mouthfeel and consistency of a wide range of foods.

As a thickener, guar gum is eight times more powerful than cornstarch, so a very small amount is needed to thicken your food.

Guar gum gives your baked goods improved texture and resiliency; your dairy drinks the desired creaminess and homogeneity; and your salad dressings and condiments the stable, smooth consistency that consumers demand. Guar gum provides synergy (enhanced viscosity) when mixed with xanthan gum.

How our guar gum ingredients can help you

  • Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc. guar gum ingredients are neutral in color, smell, and taste.
  • We also produce a range of particle sizes to suit a variety of applications.