Sunita is a premier oilfield chemical manufacturer who produces guar in India as well as guar complementary products - borate based cross linkers, breakers, clay stabilizers, buffers, surfactants, non-emulsifiers and gel-stabilizers.

Our oilfield guars, WGA by name, are natural, fast hydrating guar gum mainly used in hydraulic fracturing. A hydraulic fracture is formed when a fluid is pumped down the well at high pressures for short periods of time (hours). The high pressure fluid (usually formed by aqueous swelling of specialty high viscosity fluid additives to form highly viscose fluid or gel) exceeds the rock strength and opens a fracture in the rock. A proppant, usually sand or other coarse particles carried by the high viscosity fluid of guar gum, is pumped into the fractures and the mixture fills the fracture. Proppants serves to keep the fracture open, creating a route for oil or gas to flow to the well bore.

Few of the advantages of SUNTECH-FH grades and WGA in hydraulic fracturing are-

  • hydration time is very less
  • easily degradable
  • acceptable gel residue
  • better regain permeability
  • can be used in sea water and salt water
  • can be mixed continuously "on the fly"
  • better thermal stability
  • compatible with other fracturing additives

WGA are available in a range of Fann viscosities and particle size detailed specification sheets are available on request. Customized products can also be manufactured as per the requirement.

Stimulation products

  • Borate based cross linkers
  • Breakers
  • Clay stabilizers
  • Buffers
  • Surfactants
  • Non-emulsifiers
  • Gel-stabilizers