Guar gum is widely used as a flocculant and froth flotation agent to produce liquid solid separation during extraction of precious ores. It acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals & ores.

SUNTECH-MI is a range of natural hydrocolloids, specially manufactured by using our state of the art technology. SUNTECH-MI products are galactomannan polysaccharide obtained from ground endosperm of the legume Cyamopsis tetragonolobus.

SUNTECH-MI products can be used as processing aids in the separation of certain valuable minerals from their crude ores. Two independent functions are performed: flocculation of particles in aqueous suspension and depression of slimes in froth flotation.

In flocculation, SUNTECH-MI products adsorb onto the hydrophilic surface of mineral particles, developing flocs for bridging. Because of their larger size, these flocs settle more rapidly, consequently, filter cakes of flocculated particles are porous, leading to faster filtration rates and cleaner filtrates.

In froth flotation processes, the valuable minerals are selectively floated on the top of a tank and skimmed off. Gangue and slimes (finely divided soft minerals) remain behind. This separation is achieved by reducing the wettability of the mineral with a “collector” and increasing the hydrophilic character of the gangue & slimes with a “depressant”. SUNTECH-MI products can be used a slime depressants. Depending upon the particle size and viscosity, there are many products under SUNTECH-MI grade which can be used in mineral & mining industry. Detailed specification sheets are available on request. Tailor made products can be manufactured to suit specific needs.